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Lily and George are the best of friends, as one would expect of an adventurous girl and a curious bumble bee. In their world of make believe, wishes come true, creativity is encouraged, and everyday is packed full of fun, playing with new friends and learning new things. It's through their love of imaginary play and adventure that they invited their friends to come and join them, and so arrived the beautiful collection of Lily & George soft toys.

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Lily under a Toadstool

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George the bee flying

Welcome to a world where fairytales come true & lifelong friendships are made

Like all good fairytales, the story of Lily and George begins with a twilight encounter on a warm summer's evening.
Once upon a time, a young girl named Lily stood humming a tune underneath a toadstool. Lily's dearest wish was that she had a friend to share her adventures with.
Attracted by her humming, a curious bumblebee named George came along. After listening to Lily for a moment, George began humming too, and the makings of a very special friendship began.

Lily enjoys daydreaming and making up songs about her adventures. A kind and thoughtful girl, she is always ready to listen and loves to plan new things to do with her friends. Lily will happily spend hours outside, playing games, telling stories and stopping to investigate anything that catches her fancy.

Always ready with a joke, George loves to hum along with Lily and remember the fun they had throughout the day. With a ready smile upon his face, George is quick to join in with whatever Lily and their friends are doing. Being a wee bit cheeky, his sparkly eyes tell stories of future adventures and make believe play.

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