Meet the Team


Amy and Richie purchased Lily and George Toys 12 months ago.  During that time Amy has been the face of the Lily and George taking care of all the day-to-day operations whilst Richie has worked in the background supporting both Amy and the business where possible. 

Amy has come from a busy and varied background. With a degree in Geography, she started as an Environmental Planner and then, with Richie, buying a motel lease and running the business whilst raising their two young children.  Richie’s background is equally as varied, having studied Adventure Tourism he worked as both a kayak and walking guide for several years before moving into the outdoor equipment & apparel industries. Since then, he has focused on both ecommerce and supply chain giving him a strong background for the operational side of Lily & George.

Not unaccustomed to a challenge in a different industry Amy & Richie have jumped into Lily & George and not looked back. Now responsible for most of the day-to-day operations Amy is also fine tuning her skills as a toy designer, with a little help from her two young children of course! Richie primarily focuses of the behind-the-scenes work ensuring our products are arriving on time and displayed beautifully online for all to see. They have a real passion for small business and really enjoy sharing their stories and experiences they have had along the way.